Ragino Yuliya Igorevna

Ragino Yuliya Igorevna

PhD and ScD in medicine, Main Accreditation Commission (VAK) professor, Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) professor, corresponding member of the RAS, head of the Institute of Internal and Preventive Medicine – a branch of a federal publicly funded scientific institution, the federal research center Institute of Cytology and Genetics, the Siberian Branch of the RAS (IIPM – a branch of the ICG SB RAS)

Ragino Yu.I. is an expert in the fields of medical biochemistry and pathophysiology and an author or coauthor of more than 350 scientific publications, including 8 books, 8 patents of the Russian Federation, and 2 patents of the Eurasian Patent Organization.

In the Russian Scientific Citation Index (RSCI): 392 publications, 1659 citations, h-index: 21.

In Scopus: 104 publications, 703 citations, h-index: 8.

In the Web of Science: 120 publications, 579 citations, h-index: 7.

In 1994, she graduated from Novosibirsk State Medical University and has worked at the Institute of Internal and Preventive Medicine since 1995. In 1997, she defended a PhD dissertation, and in 2002, an ScD dissertation.

The main basic-research accomplishments of Ragino Yu.I.:

  • A study on the key biochemical markers and mechanisms of formation of unstable atherosclerotic plaques and of their various types in atherosclerosis. The development of methods for early biochemical diagnosis of atherosclerosis and risk assessment of acute coronary syndrome.
  • Conceptualization of the one-directionality of highly atherogenic changes of oxidation-modified and structurally altered lipoproteins of the blood, including small high-density atherogenic subfractions of lipoproteins, in clinically significant atherosclerosis and in the presence of its major risk factors; in this regard, novel evaluation criteria of pharmacotherapy effectiveness have been proposed. Research into atherogenic properties of oxidized proteins and their role in atherogenesis.
  • Creation and investigation of experimental animal models (in vitro, in vivo), new lipid-containing coordination compounds of HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors with glycyrrhizin. Significant antiatherogenic effects of the obtained compounds have been demonstrated.

Ragino Yu.I. supervises a graduate course in the Biochemistry specialty. Under her tutelage, 11 PhD dissertations and 3 ScD dissertations have been defended, and 4 dissertation projects are in progress (1 ScD and 3 PhD theses).

Ragino Yu.I. is a member of the ICG SB RAS Scientific Council, the chair of Thesis Committee Д.003.011.02, and a board member of the Russian National Atherosclerosis Society.

The areas of Yu.I. Ragino’s research have received abundant grant support (principal investigator in 12 grants, coinvestigator in 2 grants) at both federal (FCNTP [federal targeted science and technology program] topics for government contracts ## 02.442.11.7002 and 14.740.11.0174; 2 Russian Federation President grants: ## МК-2584.2003.04 and МД-539.2007.7, and 6 grants of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research) and regional levels (grants of the Novosibirsk Region Government and of Novosibirsk City Hall). Ragino Yu.I. is a subdivision coinvestigator in two large international multicenter projects (“Determinants of CVDs in Eastern Europe, HAPIEE” and “CVDs in Russia: expansion of the knowledge base on the etiology, pathogenesis, prevention, and treatment” of the Wellcome Trust Fund, United Kingdom).

Ragino Yu.I. has been awarded certificates of honor by Presidiums of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences and SB RAS and by the Novosibirsk Region Government as well as a commemorative anniversary medal by the SB RAS.