The objective and subject area of the Institute of Internal and Preventive Medicine – a branch of a federal publicly funded scientific institution, the federal research center Institute of Cytology and Genetics, the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IIPM – a branch of the ICG SB RAS), are basic, exploratory, and applied scientific studies in priority areas of molecular medicine and human genetics as well as safeguarding and improvement of human health, the development of health care and medical science, and preparation of high-skill specialists in science and medicine.

The main research areas of the IIPM – a branch of the ICG SB RAS:

  • Studies on molecular biological, organism level, and populational patterns of development of major internal diseases in the Siberian population and designing a scientific basis for their prevention, diagnosis, and treatment;
  • Research on the prevalence of major internal diseases, morbidity patterns, and causes of death in the population of Siberia, Far East, and Far North in relation to internal medicine diseases considering the specific features of climatic-geographic, social, and hygienic factors;
  • Investigation of the clinical features and pathogenesis of the major therapeutic diseases taking into account heredity and environmental factors;
  • The development of the scientific basis for organization of specialty medical care of the Siberian, Far Eastern, and Far Northern population.

Basic and applied research activities of the Institute:

The Institute employs numerous high-skill specialists, among them: 2 members of the RAS, one corresponding member of the RAS, 2 Distinguished Scientists, 1 laureate of the Russian Government Award, 17 professors, 24 Science Doctors (ScDs), 44 PhDs, 48 physicians, including 2 Distinguished Physicians of the Russian Federation, and 27 physicians of the highest rank.

Affiliated Research Centers

  • City Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Thromboses
  • City Center for Dementia Control
  • City Center of the Stroke Registry
  • City Lipid Center

The Clinic at the Institute specializes in the treatment of patients with cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, endocrine, and genetic diseases. The Clinic includes 3 in-patient departments (internal medicine, gastroenterology, and endocrinology), a primary care research-consulting department, a department of clinical-biochemical and molecular genetic diagnostics, a department of functional diagnostics, an X-ray imaging facility, and a comprehensive center of medical prophylaxis.