Laboratory of Etiopathogenesis and Clinical Features of Internal Diseases

The laboratoryhas existed since the birth of the Institute (1981). The founder of the Institute , Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences and RAS, created and headed the laboratory for 30 yearsYuri PetrovichNikitin.

Since 2013 - Head of the laboratory, Doctor of Medical Sciences, ProfessorMalyutina Sofya Konstantinovna

The main directions of scientific research

  • The laboratory is the personnel basis of the diagnostic department of the Clinic and the scientific advisory department of IIPM.
  • Study of population dynamics of cardiovascular and other non-infectious diseases and their risk factors in Siberia in a changing environment.
  • In a long-term cohort observation, the study of the relationship of traditional and new risk factors for CVD and CNID with morbidity and mortality trends in the Siberian population.
  • Study of subclinical myocardial, vascular and dysmetabolic phenotypes and their role in the pathogenesis of CVD and other therapeutic diseases.
  • Development and implementation of methodologies for phenotyping subclinical morbid conditions based on bio-imaging and other non-invasive technologies for fundamental and clinical purposes.
  • Study of the mechanisms of human aging, epigenetic and molecular genetic markers of age.
  • Investigation of the mechanisms of arterial hypertension, atherosclerosis, CVD and their complications.
  • Development of methodological foundations for consultative and diagnostic assistance to the population, prevention of chronic non-infectious diseases in the conditions of modern medicine and society.

Head of the laboratory, Higher doctorate of Medical Sciences, Professor

Malyutina Sofya Konstantinovna

  • Teaching sections of internal medicine according to postgraduate training programs (residency, postgraduate studies, improvement); international schools for young scientists
  • Published1158 scientific papers (716 – Wos/Ssoris), including 559 articles and 14 monographs. The H-index is 47 WOS /49 Scopus /44 RSCI.
  • Projects and grants: LAPKVZ - participant of 7 international projects: WHO MONICA and Post-MONICA; European projects on hypertension genetics (EPOGH, HyperCare, InGeniousHyperCare); study of CVD determinants in Eastern Europe (HAPIEE Project), CVD research in Russia (IPCDR). We have received 2 grants from the RSF (Determinants of health in aging ...; Epigenetic markers of the risk of chronic diseases ...), 1 grant from the Federal Target Program (Genetics of arterial hypertension...), 11 grants from the RFBR and RHSF (Genetics of Vascular Phenotypes, Social Determinants of health, Cognitive Functions, Atrial Fibrillation), more than 20 travel grants.
  • Winners of competitions of young scientists:

Mazdorova E.V. (All-Russian conf. "Prevention of CVD", 2008; grant of Novosibirsk City Hall, 2012);

Palekhina Yu.Yu. (RKO National Congress, Kazan 2014, 3rd place);

Yasyukevich N.V. (Congress of Therapists of Siberia and the Far East, Novosibirsk 2016, 1st place);

Guseva V.P.(National Congress "Heart Failure" Moscow 2019, 3rd place);

Shapkina M.Yu. (All-Russian conf. "Preventive Cardiology", 2017, 2nd place; Novosibirsk City Hall scholarship, 2021)

Awards:Yu.P. Nikitin was awarded state and departmental awards, including the "Red Banner of Labour" award; the Order of Honor; the Order of Merit for the Fatherland IVst.;, the Medal of the International Union of Circumpolar Medicine, the Hildes Prize; The International Man of the Year award (Cambridge); the Order of Alexander Nevsky; the T.I.Eroshevsky Medal; the European Order of Nikolai Pirogov; the Honorary title "Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation" and many others.

Employees of the Laboratory of Etiopathogenesis and Clinic of Internal Diseases have been awarded a number of government and departmental awards by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences and SB RAS, the Governor of the Novosibirsk region and the Mayor's Office of Novosibirsk.