Laboratory of Genetic and Environmental Determinants of the Human Life Cycle

As part of the implementation of the national project "Science" in 2019, a Laboratory of Genetic and Environmental Determinants of the Human life Cycle was established in the IIPM branch of the IC&G SB RAS. It is the youngest laboratory at the Institute. All employees of the laboratory are young scientists under the age of 35.

The laboratory staff participated in the formation of a cohort of adolescents (the stage of the second invitation of 18-20 years), as well as in the screening and processing of materials from a single-stage population survey of persons 25-44 years old.

Currently, laboratory staff are involved in two screenings conducted on the basis of IIPM - a branch of IC&G SB RAS – "Dispensary observation of patients who have undergone COVID-19" and "Epidemiological population study to identify risk factors for cardiovascular diseases in the Novosibirsk region: sampling and collection of biomaterial".

Head of the laboratory,Doctor of Medical Science
Khudyakova Alyona Dmitrievna

The main directions of scientific research:

1. Study of the health status of young residents of a large industrial and cultural center of the Russian Federation – Novosibirsk within the framework of the budget topic under the state task (No. 0259-2019-0006-C-02) "Formation of cohorts of children, adolescents, young people to study the mechanisms and features of human life cycles in the Russian population"

2. study at the population level (in a cohort) of risk factors for major chronic diseases, such as smoking, low physical activity, poor nutrition, stress, etc.

3. formation of a database for advanced molecular research and cohort analysis of new determinants of common therapeutic diseases

4. development of methods of early diagnosis and prevention of common therapeutic diseases (especially cardiovascular diseases) at the population level in young people of Novosibirsk. The results obtained during the work of the laboratory will make a significant contribution to the implementation of the tasks of the Federal project "Strengthening Public Health" (2018 - 2024).