Laboratory of Preventive Medicine

To achieve the goal, the laboratory performs the following tasks in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation of the Russian Federation:

  • organizational and methodological support of medical organizations in the section of prevention of chronic non-infectious diseases;
  • introduction of effective preventive technologies into the practice of the healthcare system;
  • implementation of educational activities for specialists and the public.
  • Analysis of the prevalence and trends of the main cardiovascular risk factors in the adolescent population of Siberia.
  • The study of the prevalence and trends of addictive behaviors (alcoholism, smoking, drug addiction) among young people and the development of scientific and methodological approaches to their prevention.
  • The study of the prevalence and features of metabolic syndrome in the adolescent population of Novosibirsk and the region, the search for new informative markers of its detection.
  • Analysis of family associations of coronary heart disease risk factors, development of principles of preventive intervention at the family level.
  • The study of the actual nutrition of adolescents and its impact on the lipid profile of blood, blood pressure, physical development.
  • Development of methodological materials, organization and implementation of educational preventive programs for children, adolescents and their environment.

Head of the laboratory,Doctor of Medical Science

Fomicheva Marina Leonidovna

The laboratory performs the following functions:

  • Formation of a normative and scientific-methodological base of research and scientific-practical materials on the prevention of chronic non-infectious diseases (CNID).
  • Organizational and methodological support of the introduction of scientific developments of the Research Institute of Therapy of SB RAS for the prevention of CNID in the system of practical health care; preparation of regulatory documents in the field of prevention of chronic non-infectious diseases.
  • Testing and implementation of organizational, informational (electronic versions of risk meters), diagnostic, non-drug (schools, preventive counseling, behavioral interventions) and drug methods and preventive technologies in the field of prevention of CNID in the activities of the practical health care system.
  • Introduction of effective methods of secondary prevention of CNID, including optimization of treatment methods, both non-drug (preventive counseling, behavioral interventions) and drug.
  • Organization, monitoring of risk factors for chronic non-infectious diseases, as well as conducting and analyzing medical and social surveys of the population to study the prevalence of risk factors, public awareness, etc. aspects of the prevention of CNID.
  • Analysis of the prevalence of risk factors for chronic non-infectious diseases based on the analysis of the health status and morbidity of residents of the Novosibirsk region.
  • Development and implementation of educational programs on preventive medicine for healthcare professionals.
  • Organizational and methodological guidance and coordination of the activities of medical organizations, employees of medical prevention centres, health centres, departments/offices of medical prevention in the subjects of the Russian Federation on the prevention of non-infectious diseases..
  • Participation in an information and communication company for the prevention of CNID and the formation of a healthy lifestyle (conferences, symposiums, round tables, public events, training events for doctors and the public).
  • Replication of methodological materials for practical health care and the population on the prevention of CNID.
  • Participation in the implementation of regional programs, in international and all-Russian projects on the prevention of CNID.
  • Organization and implementation of interdepartmental interaction with medical organizations, non-medical organizations, public associations and mass media on issues of disease prevention, healthy lifestyle, preservation and promotion of public health.